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tv   The Day - News in Review  Deutsche Welle  September 6, 2018 2:02am-2:31am CEST

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what she's suspected all along these two men accused of the poisoning earlier this year were russian military spies and they came to the u.k. to carry out a chemical weapons attack with the blessing of the kremlin but today the spokeswoman for the russian foreign ministry looked at these photos and told reporters does it mean anything to us. from berlin this is the day. this was not a red operation only russia had the technical means it was almost certainly both a recruit as a senior level of the russian stang's we believe that russian nationals are a troubling question possible so the next steps now are a matter of this week that we were right to act against the russians changing the way we do that we will not tolerate such barbaric attacks against our country.
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also coming up tonight war games war mongering and war and peace the next few days could see the final push for a diplomatic and to the war in syria wishful thinking when you look at these images today russia confirmed it has already begun air strikes in the province to take out the last remaining rebel stronghold. well we begin the day in britain and the mystery that still surrounds the poison attack earlier this year of today the u.k. said it has enough evidence to charge two suspects for carrying out a chemical weapons attack on british soil all that attack almost killed a former russian double agent and his daughter in the town of solsbury last march minister theresa may today told parliament that the suspects are russian military spies and that they came to britain with the kremlin's approval or tomorrow britain
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will bring its findings before the u.n. security council and probably push for more sanctions to be imposed against russia of theresa may was clear in her intent today to shore up as much allied support as possible but one gaping question remains did russia since spies to britain simply to murder or to test the resolve of the western world order that has already been shaken by bragg sit and by a us president named donald trump or theresa may today had no answer for that. these are the men british prosecutors have charged with conspiracy to murder. alexander petroff and. a russian citizens but police believe their names are probably in the in since. the men are accused of attempting to murder former russian agent. and his daughter unity with
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a military grade nerve agent. a police officer was also hospitalized following the attack in march in the english city of salisbury. another couple also fell seriously ill after coming into contact with the nerve agent police believe it was through this persian bottle don sturgis of salisbury later died. british justice for. the international. government of the time we want to see what we have managed to achieve today but we need further help british police have released close circuit t.v. images of petrol of and bullshit off arriving at london's gatwick airport two days before the script polls were targeted. this image of the man was taken at salisbury train station a day before the attack. and this at the same station on the day of the poisoning.
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moments later they're seen on closed circuit t.v. walking through the city police say traces of the nerve agent were also found in their london hotel room where they stayed that weekend. in the house of commons the british prime minister claimed the two men are russian military intelligence officials mr speaker repeatedly asked russia to account for what happened in salzburg in march and they have replied with obfuscation and laws this is including trying to pass the blame for the attack on terrorists onto our international partners and even on to the future mother in law if you really a script talk they even claimed that i myself invented novacek british prosecutors say they won't ask russia to extradite the man but they have obtained european arrest warrant. the kremlin denies it played any role in the poisoning so. it's hard for more on this story now we want to go to our very own because she is on the story for us tonight in london good evening to you are going
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to you know we just heard the head of u.k. counterterrorism saying this crime was committed on british soil these suspects will face british justice but we also heard that the suspects returned to russia after the poisoning so what chance do the british police have of ever getting their hands on these suspects well the british government the authorities have concluded that it's futile to also for a formal extradition request from russia for the two suspects because they know from history that russia is very unlikely to cooperate with them as their relations with russia over this case australian and they are relying on the e.u. arrest warrants so if it's ever the case that these suspects were traveling to the e.u. then they could be the charges that they could then be extradited to the u.k. and let's talk a little bit about this perfume spray bottles. britain says that it poisoned dawn
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sturges and her partner in a separate incident is a connection being made with that to the strip mall case. well yes the prime minister has said and has statement that this was most likely the box that there was used to the perfume bottle was used to smuggle the nerve agent into the u.k. and also the delivery method of putting it spraying it onto the door handle off of the squid paul's police are independently off that asking for more advice doused in citizens anybody who has come has seen the box how does know anything about this curfew bottle because they're looking for further evidence or so clearly this is the crucial piece of information that was is new not police have said for a long time they don't know the link between the two cases but now they have disclosed that this powerful model is the link and there are some british lawmakers
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say this attack this poisoning is war and wind behavior and when you hear that you know you have to wonder what does this mean then for the future if there is one of british russian relations. well british russian relations have really gone from low to no and the cost is since the death of alexander litvinenko the former russian spy here along with this screen pollack case the u.k. has already extradited to reason may has already extradited twenty three russian diplomats who they say cover ups russian spies other allies western allies have been expelled sorry russia russian diplomats so clearly it's really very antagonistic relationship and it's not likely to get any better off than this a correspondent on the story for us tonight in london big thank you.
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it may be the final showdown in the seven year war in syria the united nations is warning of a bloodbath if syrian and russian forces move to take the west rebel held province of live about three million people live there many of them refugees from elsewhere in syria the u.n. has called for diplomacy between the major players to avoid a bloodbath and the u.s. has warned syria not to use chemical weapons on friday the leaders of iran russia and turkey are due to hold a summit that could determine the course for an offensive. with nowhere left to go civilians and struggling to find ways to keep their families safe having witnessed a massive military build up over the last week this father is preparing for the worst. but making protective masks for my children and others in the area because
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people fear there will be a chemical attack. in this densely populated region of the seeking safety underground of. most people in this village have a cave connected to their house. these caves were abandoned during the truce that lasted six or seven months now people are again preparing for an offensive and stockpiling food inside so if an attack takes place we can go into the caves. fearful residents are bracing for bloodshed as the syrian government masses its troops on. the first strikes hit the rebel enclave on tuesday syria's ally russia released footage purporting to show russian warplanes attacking what it calls terrorist targets but human rights groups say several civilians were
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killed. international calls amounting to avoid an all out onslaught and humanitarian catastrophe. well i'm joined by the journalist and author christine helberg she has reported extensively from inside syria and her third book explains how the syrian conflict became the geo political crisis that it is now christine is good to have you back here at the big table so how close are we to seeing a humanitarian crisis in. i think we are pretty close will be a very big attack on that in the days or weeks to come. i don't think this is preventable and coming along with this is the humanitarian catastrophe because people don't have anywhere to go anymore from at length the turkish border is closed and i think we will see hundreds of thousands of people trying to reach there and then there so they will be there under the heaven and waiting for tents you say you don't think this conflict this fighting is preventable yet in two days
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we're going to see this major summit between iran turkey and russia russia. is that just a lot of talk you know action i don't think that this will happen if they because russia in the first place has always has never been able to stop president assad when he was really decided to conquer an area and we have seen these tactics for several years you know all the opposition had areas they've been retaken by the same strategy so around the areas around the city starve it bombed it and then conquer it and then the people were put in front of the choice between either stay on and submit to the assad rule or leaving to it being expelled to it at this tense is not there anymore and russia would not stop that from now this is the last huge battle he has president putin has invested a lot of money militarily as well into keeping him in power and this is important before you know sealing this diplomatically yes he will let him just go ahead for
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what about turkey is successful convincing russia not to go full throttle with this offensive is do you think it's possible then that bashar al assad would say ok if i'm not going to have russia one hundred percent behind me i'm going to pull out the chemical weapons if i have to do you think you would do that. no president assad for him is very important to take the whole of syria and to politically cleans it the idea is that he will not leave people there who stood up against him by peaceful means or by military means the idea is not fight against terrorism you know talk about extremist groups that they have right to hate a song is an important and influential group that's right but the find is not against these terrorist groups we've seen this in different nots he was always punishing the civilian population for living in an area that he decided to position so you don't you don't get the gypsies are good that he would resort to chemical
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weapons this time i mean we've seen it in the past yeah i mean it's everything is possible you know talk about chemical weapons we've seen the assad regime using them several times and we have seen international investigations that prove this especially when we talk about the attack last year in april of two thousand and seventeen that was international proved by the o.p.c. w. and the u.n. saying that yes it was the assad regime that was studying at that time with more than eighty debt so this could be repeated we don't know and i think this is really not was talking about it until it happened and it's for the people this is not the major threat you know major aerial bombardment of the area and this is what happened elsewhere and this is what people are really. looking at from outside what it looks like is we've had seven years of nightmare in syria for the people on the ground it's been almost everything's been in vain because bashar al assad is going to stay in power there's going to be no political change and there are going to be more people who are refugees in turkey for example is going to seal the border and
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says we don't want you to come over here nobody cares for syrians or really i mean everybody is busy with his own interests turkey for example is very busy with kind of controlling kurdish autonomy in the north east of syria this is the major idea now of president and he will be ready to accept bashar assad staying in power and the assad regime is. it's border he would prefer the assad regime at its border rather than the p.y.g. these high dose of the beacon titles to living close to the picture can so everybody really agree to the fact that bashar assad will stay in power so he's going to he's going to win this militarily this doesn't mean that he can win the peace because he would need to rebuild the country he would need a lot of money and this is really a piece of the great he will keep on voting syria by fear which means that people don't i'm not allowed to say anything his prisons are still sit up with people as they are and the only thing that europe should do really right now is not to normalize relations with this regime to help the activists in the first place that stuff for democracy or human rights or their dignity in the first place that by the
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way inside it because they were expelled from all these are other areas it's right there were a force there they were forcibly expelled to live and they you know they founded these underground schools they founded libraries women centers you sent us they are all being there and i think the last thing that europe should do they work with these people they give them money so they are kind of responsible for these people maybe to take them out and bring them to safety of the you also have the material for a fourth book now considering the way things are going to develop in the next few months christine help is always good to have you on the show thank you you thank. germany's foreign minister heiko mohsin met today with turkey's president and said that both countries are now working to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe in profits last arrived in group with the goal of improving relations with turkey and that included discussing the release of seven german citizens who were detained on political charges in the country after the failed coup there two years ago. are let's go now to defuse johann she is following
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this story for us in a stable good evening to you joe your eclipsing these bilateral talks is this countdown to this major offensive in home to three million people i mean what have the two men what are they said about this impending military campaign. when it comes to the current situation in syria in italy of the two ministers up basically on the same page they agree that a major offensive on egypt has to be prevented as you already mentioned because it could lead to what they call a humanitarian catastrophe millions of civilian lives are at risk and turkey especially if the is another wave of refugees trying to cross its border as turkey already hosts more than three million refugees from syria this number could go up by another million or even more so this would be a huge financial burden of course for turkey so i guess ankara was not on happy to
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hear the german minister say that burden is considering to boost its humanitarian assistance to countries like turkey should such an offensive really happen the turkish government has released we know of two promenade german journalists from prison but seven other germans are still in detention on political charges how likely is it you will hear that the german foreign minister will be able to secure their release. well he repeatedly said he would openly talk about such human rights issues here in turkey he also said he mentioned these cases germany says these people are in jail here in turkey for political reasons turkey on the other hand says it needs to go off to what it calls terrorists or terrorist supporters and its judiciary would come up. with an independent decision on this matter but i guess here there is much more going on behind the scenes than we
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actually know or the two ministers would talk about in the press conference and briefly before we run out of time julia you know we know that richard how you are one is facing an economic crisis in his country relations with the u.s. have soured does this mean that no one needs better relations with turkey with germany more than ever. well i don't think he would publicly admit that but yes i think that's part of the explanation why turkey is seeking to mend ties with europe and especially with a germany seeking to reanimated an old friendship so to say and watching the language of the two ministers today the turks minister said he is thrilled to cooperate with germany and this is of course a completely new tone after the crisis between germany and turkey last year so it's almost as something like a charm offensive we're seeing right now all right you'll be on the story for us in istanbul you are thank you. u.s. secretary of state might bump aoe is meeting pakistan's duly elected prime minister
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in one cod relations are at a historic low after the u.s. canceled hundreds of millions of dollars earmarked to fund pakistan's fight against terrorism. it's not the easiest mission for us secretary of state micron pale to trumpet ministration has never quite been on good terms with pakistan the president's first tweet of the year set the tone and it's only gone downhill since then. the us has foolishly given pakistan more than thirty three billion dollars in aid over the last fifteen years and they have given us nothing but lies and deceit thinking of our leaders as fools to give safe haven to the terrorists we hunt in afghanistan with little help no more awaiting pompei on islamabad is pakistan's new prime minister imran khan an outspoken critic of the us can is set to receive bad news ahead of the visit the u.s. announce its canceling another three hundred million dollars in aid on top of the five hundred million already cut earlier this year. the aid was meant to compensate
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pakistan for its efforts to fight terrorists on its own soil but the u.s. says pakistan has been dragging its feet previous presidents have always hoped they could turn around pakistan's behavior but i think we're trying we're finally seeing a disillusionment sinking in and a sense of conviction amongst congress amongst the administration the white house that it's too late we simply have to now use more sticks because the carrots just haven't worked. the u.s. accuses pakistan of letting armed groups operate within its territory especially in the tribal areas in the northwest of the country on the border to afghanistan there the country is said to be providing a safe haven for terrorists like the kani network a terrorist group responsible for some of afghanistan's most deadly attacks accusations pakistan sharply denies the country's new ruling coalition wants to change tack in its relations with the u.s. it's going to be equal partnership we are ready to fight doctors them but we will not fly. by the u.s.
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will the americans have to understand that the lead to come up at certain the table with doesn't these pressure tactics. this regime even before compels plane landed in pakistan officials were calling on imran khan to cancel the meeting khan's first with a high level u.s. official since being sworn in as prime minister last month. in washington d.c. today once again the executives of america's tech titans appeared before a congressional committee to answer the question are you doing enough to protect our democracy facebook's sheryl sandberg admitted that her company had been slow to react when the data of a juicers was hijacked as a bipartisan report from this committee said russia use social media as part of an i quote a comprehensive in multifaceted campaign to set discord undermine democratic institutions
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and interfere in u.s. elections and those of our allies. we were. well mayor culpa in that hearing and down the hall at another hearing it was more like oh my here we go again today the confirmation hearings for the u.s. supreme court justice nominee brett kavanaugh got off to a very rocky start with protests disrupting the session again democratic lawmakers found out quickly that the experienced republican conservative legal counsel is well trained in avoiding being pinned down on any one issue can a sitting president the required to respond to a subpoena so that's a hypothetical question about what would be an elaboration or a difference for us phoenix ins precise holding and i think going with the justice ginsburg principle which is really not the justice ginsburg alone principle it's everyone's principle on the current supreme court and as
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a matter of canons of judicial independence i can't give you an answer on that hypothetical question. well in washington d.c. tonight there is one thing that is not hypothetical and it is as real as fear or fear is the name of the new tell all book by the two time pulitzer prize winning history making watergate journalist bob woodward in his book woodward cites numerous taped conversations with those closest to u.s. president trump inside the white house the picture he paints an oval office filled with chaos jealousy scorn and chief of staff john kelly is quoted as calling trump and idiot and describing the troubled white house as simply crazy town he has denied saying that today white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders when she was asked what she thinks about crazy town and fear. i'll get confused with so many other reports and books that have come out of this review is that ration care
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is everyone just mind making up stories that look these are the same rehashed retold stories guys certainly just because they keep getting told doesn't make them more true i think that's a ridiculous accusation that just because the same people keep writing the same type of books you have a bunch of elites and left leaning individuals who haven't heard this story coming from the president's own party i mean really i'm a source i don't really get it. and well some of woodward's sources are anonymous he says he has plenty of recorded conversation says stations from which he quotes in his new book perhaps the biggest riddle that taped conversation between woodward and mr trump where they discuss this upcoming book and yet now mr trump says quote nobody told me anything about a book. well now a fitting footnote in the show when i don't think we're in kansas anymore
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a piece of classic hollywood memorabilia has been found by the f.b.i. thirteen years after being stolen the sequent ruby slippers worn by judy garland as dorothy and the wizard of oz were snatched from a us museum about a decade ago to take divs recovered them in a sting operation in july and experts have now confirmed they are all thin to city but the case is not quite close the f.b.i. says the thieves well. they're still on the run. they may be following the yellow brick road to prison. well the day is nearly done but as always the governor's ation continues online you'll find us on twitter either at g.w. news or you can write directly to me of don't forget to use the hash tag of the day and remember whatever happens between now and that tomorrow is another day you'll see that everything.
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